Desktop Support

We understand the frustrations of having workstations that always seem to play up at the most critical time and when you need them the most. Our engineers are highly skilled and capable of resolving the most complex workstations issues, down to the smallest of issues that cause day to day frustration. Our engineers, will also point out when we notice an easier, more efficient way of doing the same day to day tasks helping to speed up productivity and ease of use. Being able to have a conversation with a skilled engineer and relate your problems can sometimes be half the battle. At SolutionOne we invest heavily on client communication and technical skill, and something we take great pride in. Our knowledge of common Office and accounting applications, along with supporting other 3rd party applications is forever expanding as we are always aiming to stay on the front foot with technology.

Server Support

With a server being the centre point in any network, it is imperative that it has the safeguards and monitoring systems in place to ensure the highest possible level of uptime for accessibility and reliability. On top of this, you need to know you have highly skilled engineers on hand ready to assist if trouble strikes. SolutionOne have been supporting Microsoft Windows Server editions from the early editions of Windows NT, and have been implementing every edition that has been released to date. Depending on client requirements, we will determine the edition required and it is something we discuss with you in great detail before putting a solution forward. We can manage any requirements from deploying new servers in existing businesses, migrating existing servers to new hardware and deploying hybrid solutions combining on-premise and Clouding technologies.

Remote Access

With society's ever growing request for ‘on demand’ responses and organisations expanding beyond the walls of the office, remotely accessing your workspace has never been a more popular requirement. This can range from simply having emails accessible on a mobile device, to remotely accessing your desktop and company files from a laptop while on the road and working offsite. SolutionOne can provide the correct technology that best suits your business requirements for you and your staff. Utilising Terminal Services, Remote Apps and Exchange hosted email are just some technologies that can help you stay connected with the resources you need to achieve your goals.


System backups are absolutely crucial in mitigating any risks and ensuring minimal impact on your business. Backups are vastly underestimated and incorrectly configured, leaving many businesses vulnerable in the event of a system failure. Is it possible to imagine the loss of productivity if your system was down for a day? How about a week, or having to start from scratch? SolutionOne can manage and monitor system backups for your peace of mind. Not only will we monitor the system backup, but we will also check the consistency by restoring files as an additional safeguard to ensure your backup works when you need it most. Our Help Desk Team analyse and quickly rectify any issue if they occur. This means extra piece of mind that someone is looking after the backups and monitoring them regularly.

VOIP (Vonex)

With the expansion of the NBN reaching out to more businesses, VoIP technology is quickly becoming sought after as a viable alternative to traditional phone systems. VoIP can not only expand the reach of your business, but dramatically reduce telephone carrier charges. VoIP removes the boundaries of physical offices and cables by enabling the ability to connect a phone anywhere in the world and become an extension of your existing office. Multi extension means you can have multiple phones with the same extension for people on the go or working between different branches. The mainstream and expensive PBX systems with little or no return on investment are quickly being overtaken with Virtual PBX systems, where the only hardware you require is phones. Virtual PBX systems can be dynamically expanded at any time and provide more features than traditional PBX systems, giving you the flexibility and peace of mind you are always only paying for what you need.