Keep Your Business Running Smoothly and Avoid System Downtime

Here at SolutionOne, we constantly monitor your systems and watch for any potential problems, where we can take corrective actions before they damage your IT systems or your business. When problems do require action, we offer a fast SLA (Service Level Agreement) managed response backed by a range of remote and onsite solutions to get your systems and business running smoothly again.

Managing Your Business, Not Your IT Systems

We proactively monitor and manage your IT systems, providing alerts based upon business SLA thresholds. This allows us to make proactive decisions to fix potential problems before they impact your business. This data also allows us to provide forward planning and advice to manage your network more effectively.

Fixed Fee IT Management

Have peace of mind when you know exactly how much you pay each month for your IT support.

IT Planning and Project Management

SolutionOne have over a decade of experience in IT planning and project management skills. In an industry that develops so quickly, we take great effort in ensuring we are always up to date with the latest technologies when providing solutions for our clients. Today, IT plays such an integral role in all industries, having a system that runs smoothly in the back ground so you can run your business is vital. SolutionOne consultants can sit down and discuss immediate and long term goals with you, developing a plan that best suits your business needs. The better we can understand your business and future goals, the better we can provide you with a solution that will ensure you reach your goals.

Managed Services

Management encompasses a full “all you can eat” support service whereby SolutionOne assumes total responsibility for the ongoing health of your IT systems. We can be alerted immediately to problems and connect directly to your server to take corrective actions, keeping your business running. Proactive maintenance, detected issues and all onsite support are addressed as part of the flat monthly fee and will not be charged to you. This truly aligns SolutionOne and your interests— smoothly running IT system with no issues!

Monitored Services

Monitoring ensures that your IT systems continue running as expected. If an issue is detected or maintenance and support are required, our team will head off the problem before it impacts your business and you will be notified by SolutionOne of the required work to address the issue. We use agent based server monitoring that constantly feeds server performance data back to our Data Centre over a secure connection. Any support services will be billed as standard Time and Materials rates.

Remote Monitoring

We have invested in a state of the art web based IT monitoring system that constantly feeds IT health and performance information back to our Operations Centre over a secure connection.

Proactive Support

When our monitoring system detects a potential IT issue we are instantly alerted and can provide proactive support to address the issue before it affects your business.

Remote Desktop Control

Fast and secure access to your managed IT systems allows us to instantly respond to IT issues or provide an interactive user support or training session “on demand”.

Security and Anti-Virus Management

We automatically detect missing security patches or failed anti virus systems. Missing patches or antivirus issues can be addressed remotely and out of hours ensuring you are not exposed to possible Virus or Hacker attacks.

Backup Monitoring

Our monitoring systems will ensure your important business data is being successfully backed up as expected. Daily email alerts can be sent to indicate the success or failure of the backups.

Asset Management

Report and track locations, owners, suppliers, date of purchase, warranty and lease details across all of your managed IT devices.

Inventory Management

Get an up-to-date view of the hardware and software in use across your business. Track software licensing, installation dates, locations and managed device hardware configurations.


Report on our responses to IT incidents and system health (performance, availability, security, software licensing, etc). We will deliver periodic reports that outline the results and value you are receiving through SolutionOne Managed IT Services.