Network Consultancy

The network configuration is considered as the ventricle system of a business network. Connecting workstations to servers, printers and other local and internet services. Having a poor quality network can quickly cripple the performance for all users accessing data from a central location, affecting staff productivity, security and accessibility. SolutionOne have trained and certified engineers in wireless and cabled deployments, using a variety of network equipment switch and router configuration to develop and deploy a secure network that best suits your business needs.

Wireless networks are quickly becoming the standard for business as the speeds and security increases. Although there will always be a need for cabled networks, wireless provides major advantages with connectivity without the restrictions of cables. Wireless bridges can be deployed between buildings where cable runs are prohibitive.

WAN connections between offices in multiple geographic locations, all to bring offices and staff together working on the same data concurrently as if they were sitting in the same room together. Connecting offices to the same network can greatly increase accessibility and productivity without the need for constant emailing between staff members, which can not only quickly lose track of file changes, but also waste human resources and fill up email accounts unnecessarily.