Managed Services

Managed Services encompasses a full "all you can eat" support for your servers and workstations. We are alerted immediately to problems and connect directly to your systems to take corrective actions, keeping your business running whilst keeping you informed. Proactive maintenance, detected issues and all onsite support are addressed as part of the flat monthly fee.

Have peace of mind when you know exactly how much you pay each month for your IT support.

Monitored Services

Monitoring ensures that your IT systems continue running as expected. If an issue is detected or maintenance and support are required, our team will head off the problem before it impacts your business and you will be notified by SolutionOne of the required work to address the issue. We use agent based server monitoring that constantly feeds server performance data back to our Data Centre over a secure connection. Any support services will be billed as standard Time and Materials rates.

  • Server and Workstation Management/Monitoring
  • Security and Anti-Virus Management
  • Backup Monitoring
  • Asset Management
  • Remote Support Direct to your PC
  • Reporting